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Tips for Hiring when the Economy is Strong

Here in the United States in 2019 we have consistently been experiencing record unemployment--4 - 5% in some areas, which is really really low.

Simplistically, what that means is that there are plenty of jobs, but there's a finite number of people who can work and/or want to work. This makes it tougher and tougher to find qualified candidates for your open jobs!

Here are few things to keep in mind when we have low unemployment so you can keep filling your jobs!

1. Everyone is working.

OK maybe not everyone, because you might know someone who is looking for a job.

But it's still important to keep in mind that MOST or ALL of your candidates are currently working. So make sure you follow these tips:

  • Be discreet if you're calling them at work.

  • Leave messages.

  • Work around their schedule.

  • Give them a little time to return your calls and emails--they are busy and are not waiting by the phone for you to call them!

2. You have competition in hiring.

Everyone else is hiring too, you're not the only game in town. Even if you have a great reputation and a strong brand name, there are plenty of other jobs out there for your potential employees to choose from.

Also, never forget that you're competing with their current job. This is HUGE! Even if they're dissatisfied with their job, or they work for a jerk, or they are actively looking, change is really really hard for us as human beings! So their current job is a very worthy competitor for you to consider.

Be ready to show them how your opportunity is better than their current job or any other opportunity out there!

3. Move fast!

When you find that right person, you have to MOVE!

I can't tell you how many times I have seen companies miss out on new employees who would be a great fit because they just moved too slow.

Here's a tip: have a goal of moving from your initial engagement and screening interview to final interview and offer within two weeks. That's pretty aggressive but also can be realistic for moving through the necessary steps to evaluate a candidate and prepare a job offer.

As the leader of the team, it's your job to make sure everyone knows that hiring is a priority. Set the example, and make sure your team knows that when you have the right person, they are to drop EVERYTHING and make the interviews happen so you can get the right people hired.

How is your recruiting and hiring going in this HOT economy? Email me at and let me know what's happening, what's working, and what you're struggling with. I'd love to hear from you!

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