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Tips for Hiring on a Budget

Got a job to fill but not a big budget to do so? Here are some ideas to get you started with free ways to get the word out about your job.

Make job posting on a page on your website or blog. Make sure there is a unique url with a post about the details of the job and instructions for job seekers to apply. Even if you have a very simple website or social media page for your business, you should be able to create a single URL or a unique post which can be shared by you, your fans and followers.

  1. Create a job posting in a Word or Google Document and export that to a PDF. That document can be saved on a Google Drive or similar shared drive location which can give access to anyone with the link--now you have a unique URL.

  2. Now take the link (URL) and SHARE! Start by emailing your list of subscribers and customers.

  3. Share your job posting on your Facebook page.

  4. Create a Reel on Instagram or a TikTok about a "day in the life" of a worker in your business. Make it fun!

  5. Post your job for FREE on LinkedIn. Believe it or not, every LinkedIn user has 1 free 30-day posting to use at a time. When you log in on the desktop app, under the "Start A Post" option, choose "Job" then follow the steps to fill in the information on your job LinkedIn will guide you to choose a paid option but you can opt out until you are posting your job for free.

  6. Hold open interviews or "job fair" hours at your place of business. Best practice is to schedule this for a convenient time of day for your ideal candidate, and make the right people in your business available for on the spot interviews. Use social media and your website to advertise your hiring hours or events well in advance of the date and time.

  7. Call a local school or certification program who may have graduates looking for the job you have available. Use their job posting, career center, job fair, or other resources to connect with your ideal candidate.

While you can always pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a sponsored job on an online board, you may get enough attention and traction by trying these free and easy methods for a week or 10 days!

Good luck and happy hiring!

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