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Recruiting Services

Quick-Start Recruiting Package

With Quick-Start Package, I not only train you on improving your hiring overall, I help you get started with one-on-one consulting.

This package includes:

  • One-hour initial consultation via video chat

  • Full access to our online course plus bonus content

  • Working with 1 to 3 of your current or common open positions, I will:

    • Review and improve Job Descriptions 

    • Review and improve Job Advertisements

    • Review salary range(s) against current market; recommend adjustments 

    • Create a plan to attract ideal candidates

Email me today to learn more about my Recruiting Services.

Next-Level Recruiting Package

The Next-Level Recruiting Package includes everything in my online course, as well as the Quick Start package, but takes it further:

  • Creating an interview and evaluation plan for up to three of your jobs

  • Developing specific interview questions for each of those jobs

  • Creating Candidate Scorecards for use by any of your hiring managers in their evaluations


Then I roll-out your Next Level Recruiting Plan in a 90-min customized interview training session via video conference for up to 8 of your your hiring managers.

Email me today to learn more about my Recruiting Services.

Custom Recruiting & Search Solutions

Customized and Full-Service Retained Search options are also available for your hard-to-fill positions.

I have many years of Recruiting experience including over 6 years spent running a technical Search Firm, Stonewell Recruiting.  By combining my Online Course, one-on-one consulting, and my in-depth headhunting experience, I know we can build your dream team.

Email me today to learn more about our Recruiting Services.

My Recruiting Services are designed to give you the opportunity to work with a Professional Recruiter in ways that make sense for your business, your timeline, and your budget.  I will work with you to teach you all the great knowledge contained in my online course, Hiring Step by Step, while working with you one-on-one if what you need goes beyond a DIY solution.

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