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Hiring Step by Step

Upcoming Video Course

Hiring Step by Step is an upcoming video course that walks you through all the steps to hiring the right people for your business.  In about two hours you will be ready to confidently hire: not just once, but over and over again. 

Hiring Step by Step is ideal for busy Business Owners and Hiring Managers who want a practical and simple solution to gain confidence in their hiring and improve their quality of hire.  This isn’t a lofty management book, it’s not the next big thing that will send hundreds of [questionable] resumes to your inbox, and it’s not an endless barrage of time-wasting “tips and tricks.” 


I named this course exactly what it is: a step by step approach to create a great hiring process that you can repeat over and over again with every new job you create.  

It’s like having a Recruiter and HR pro right in your back pocket!

Hiring Step by Step is taught in short video lessons along with brainstorming worksheets or downloadable forms and tools to use with each step.  If you use the material and take the time to set up your simple systems outlined in this course, I know your hiring will improve immediately!

I am putting the finishing touches on Hiring Step by Step, so be sure to sign up for my email list and I will let you know as soon as it is live!  Plus, you will get immediate access to my free Guide to Interviewing Like a Boss as a thank you gift for signing up.

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